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Being a wise deaf – A short inspiring story to meet big dreams , goals & success heights

 It was a Monday morning when all frogs gathered for a meeting. It was a traditional practice which was being followed in their group, all frogs from different lakes had joined for this meeting. Discussions were held in the meeting. As usually discussed every time, even this time there was a topic on climbing the City Long Tower. Many frogs eagerly spoke – “This is the highest tower in this city , none of us have ever made it to the top. Years have passed by, Still we are not able to achieve this goal. Every time we discuss on this and forget. If we think on achieving anything special in our life, it  is to climb this tower. Once we climb to the top , we establish honour & respect to our group. To achieve this , we have to set a date and start climbing.”. The young and youth frogs supported this , based on which decision was taken to climb the tower next Sunday Morning. 

On Sunday morning all frogs surrounded the tower, the young frogs started climbing the tower.  Suddenly they heard voices from the ground of old & aged frogs “No , do not climb too long , climbing this tower is not possible , Till now not even one frog has climbed this. You will get hurt and may lose your life if you fall down while climbing”. Hearing to this some frogs stopped climbing and descended down. But still some frogs kept moving , the more they climb , more was the voice , fear cheering, raised by the frogs on ground to stop them – “You cannot make it , please come back , reaching the tower top is impossible. It’s dangerous”. Hearing to this, slowly some frogs started descending back to ground.

But , there was one small frog , which kept moving with enthusiasm without listening to these. The frogs on the ground seeing this small frog had thought, this small frog has decided to lose its life. But Surprise!! the small frog finally made it to the tower top. It enjoyed the city scenic beauty, the long beautiful view from the tower top ,  after satisfying its heart , started descending back to ground. Once back, other frogs shouted & cheered praises for this small frog for its achievement and honored it as “The first frog to climb the Tower”. The news press frogs surrounded the small frog for interview – “How was your experience when you climbed on top, what did you see there , how was the surroundings there , who inspired you to do this ? & so on” . The small frog just kept quiet with a gentle smile for these questions, because it could not hear & was deaf from birth.  When it used to climb the top, it used to see other frogs on ground shouting, which it thought they are encouraging & cheering for it to climb higher. It mistook their actual lack of excitement to cheering spirit & had kept moving on.” 

Sometimes even in our life we go out with big dreams to achieve something, there will be a group of people on our back who may induce fear and lack of enthusiastic excitement – they keep boasting , No one has done till now , it is not possible to do this etc . So we may decide to go back from our goal with the fear induced & brain storming. So if we were also a deaf like this small frog, had we not listened to these boasting , could we have reached our big goal ? question arises ….

If Sachin Tendulkar had listened to - no one can hit 100 centuries in cricket, If Carl Louis , Ussain Bolt had listened to -  no one can sprint 100 meters in 10 sec and had kept quiet , were we seeing such great achievements ? These extraordinary records set, would never had happened if those fear words were listened and kept quiet. For extraordinary achievements, a strong commitment, will & hard work is essential.  

Hope you enjoyed this short inspiring story. Have a nice day .

The Invisible Protectors - A short professional story

Kitty Hawk

This is a story from the biography of Charles plumb , an American air force pilot. Charles had basically undergone his training from the American Navy, his was then a Fighter pilot & used to fly fighter planes during wars. He had a good knowledge in this job.  The moment when he got orders, he used to take his plane from his base which used to be on big navy ships and attack the enemy.

During the Second World War he was based near Vietnam. Irrespective of day and nights, he flew his plane and had attacked the enemies around 75 times during the world war. But during the 76th attempt, his plane got stuck with an enemy launched missile and broke into pieces. Immediately Charles opened his parachute and dived out of the plane. Flying with his parachute , he landed on the enemy grounds and later got jailed in communist jails. He experienced tremendous pain & punishment for 6 years in these jails and had thought he may have ended his life. But later, after the war period , he was released and he returned back to his country.

Later people of various communities started inviting him for discussions, lectures about his war experience. He used to travel the country narrating war lively experiences. One day he visited a restaurant with his wife for dinner. While they had started dinning, two men sitting close by were observing them for some time and approached them to have a chat.

Kitty Hawk parachute
One of them asked Charles with eager and full of emotions - “Sir, aren’t you Charles plumb ? who flew with Kitty Hawk fighter plane & got stuck with an enemy missile and jumped out of the plane using a parachute ?”. Charles was took to a surprise and replied “Yes, my friend – I am Charles Plumb the one you have just referred , have you heard about me through my lectures? “

The person replied “No Sir, I was also working with you in the Navy ship, But I was responsible for servicing & monitoring your plane. My job profile was very low & I was the one who had packaged the parachute systematically in your plane. You were a famous pilot, I used to see you, but had never spoken with you.” Charles was in fully surprise listening to him & lost his breath for a moment. The person then asked eagerly “Sir, when you had dived out of the plane, the parachute did open without any problems , isn't it ?”. Charles replied “If it had not opened , has it been possible to meet you here - my brother, I thank you a million for this. It is because of your systematic & professional work , I am alive”

Charles did not get sleep on that day. He kept thinking; I used to spread my glory with others, but had not even once thanked that unknown person who had packed the parachute which saved my life. If that parachute had not opened properly, I was in sure danger of losing my life. My life is now because of the systematic work of this unknown person.

In our life, many people contribute in some way to our happiness & success, whom we may not have seen or spoken with. But still they act as invisible invincible protectors. We all are not self-made - but a comprehensive output of the efforts, blessings, support of this invisible protectors. This wonderful story teaches a wise lesson that - In future, when we are flying on your success parachute, to remember and thank those who were responsible and contributed to make it fly.

Hope you enjoyed this nice story.

An inspiring story - Run from Heart , not legs

A young guy completed his engineering studies. He had an aim to join army. He attended the army exams , got passed and joined the army.  He was made to join a crew group of other new joiners. In that crew , not only engineers , others who had took training from National force had also joined. Some with 3 to 4 years experienced also had joined. They were well versed in physical training.

The next day the commander in charge of the crew called for a training session. He ordered the crew to run for 10 kms at stretch. The engineer also joined the sprint with spirit. Initially the pace was good till 1 km and later he started getting tired, at one stage he started feeling knee pain, and at some stages felt he would break down. His fellow members kept running with ease. He still kept on adding strengths. The commander was also following the crew . They noticed the plight of this engineer. They too paced up and joined the engineer for assistance. He patted on the engineer’s back and said “Well done my Boy ! Run , till now you had run with your legs , now you start running with your heart” and moved on. These words strengthened the engineer’s mind. Later not sure what happened to him , he went on and completed the march of 10 kms. Even now when he is feeling tired, bored he remembers those words from commander and gets motivated. 

What body cannot do, mind has the capacity to drive body to do it. When our body gets tired, our own set limits get reached, the mind gets activated to achieve more. 

This story also resembles Colonel Sanderson way of success. He was working in a small hotel making few chicken dishes. He always was proud of himself that no one in the city could make delicious chicken items which he can prepare. He had experienced the taste of many surrounding small & bug hotels & compared with his dish taste. He tried to sell his dish making technique to hotels , but none accepted this.  But he did not give up and attempted at many hotels roaming all over the city and finally after 1,019th attempt he was able to sell to one hotel. That was the first day when the world’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) center was opened. It came so popular with time such that in 7 years, Sanders came rich with 15 million dollar turn over. When he was tired searching to sell his product, he listened to his heart and did not give up.

We also are of the same nature. Whenever we feel getting tired, bored of doing something and on the verge to quit, let’s remember this engineer and Colonel. Let’s not give up easily, remember the words of commander, let’s not run with only legs, let’s run with heart. Legs may get tired, but the heart never. It is the heart which is creates the spirit for success. 

Hope you enjoyed the story. Share on if worth.

A story on Gubbi Veeranna professionalism

Gubbi Veeranna played an important role in developing Kannada Art theatres. During his days, contribution to theatres was enormous and was at the height of success. Of those his “KuruSkethra” skit is one of the most popular ones. The costumes, casting, theatre stage setup for this skit  was very elegant. The skit play used to be so effective that one may feel the real kuruskethra is happening on the stage live. The celebrations, thrill which this skit play used to generate was enormous , such a performance never would be reproduced in future. It was very popular among mass.  Based on requests to perform this skit in Andhra Pradesh, stages were setup there in Telugu language also and got praises from the mass there. It was so effective that , the news spread and reached the Nizam of Hyderabad (Nawab / King of few territories) .

The Nizam was very curious to view this Skit and decided to make arrangements in his palace. He informed his subordinates to personally invite Gubbi Veeranna to perform with his team at the palace. Gubbi Veeranna denied this request saying, “It would be very difficult to arrange the stage at palace and requires lot of preparations, hence it would be nice if the Nizam and his subordinates themselves come over to the theatre and experience the skit. We would make necessary arrangements such that their family can enjoy the skit”. 

Hearing to this Nizam would have felt angry, but still his curiousness to view the skit kept him going. The sub-ordinates were worried whether Veeranna would be able to greet the Nizam properly and in right manners. As scheduled, on one day , the Nizam visited with his family to Gubbi Veeranna Skit stage and was astonished to see the preparations made for him.

The place where Nizam car would park was greeted with a red carpet , On the carpet sides the skit cast artists who had worn traditional dress greeted Nizam’s family members hovering scented flowers .  Later at front musicians greeted with bands & traditional music. The Nizam and his family were surprised and astonished for this unexpected respect.

Later the Nizam watched the full skit with concentration. Once the skit play was over , he praised whole heartedly Gubbi Veeranna and his team performance. On the same stage he dictated Gubbi Veeranna as “Karanataka Andhra Nataka Sarvabouma” and arranged a ceremony & greeted him with due respects

Such was the professionalism of Gubbi Veeranna. We have not come across such incidents later after the demise of this great person.  Veeranna’s commitment towards work , overcoming problem skills, Patience , Intelligence , work professionalism acts were legendary. If anyone develops the same characters in their respective work nature, they are sure to come out as great stars.

An interesting story behind Railway lines width 4.85 feets

In Indian railways system, the width between the railway parallel lines was of 4 types. In the old narrow gauge, the width maintained was 2.6 feet. Later in the meter gauge period , the width became 3.3 feet and later in standard gauge it became 4.85 feet and now in the broad gauge it is 5.8 feet.  

There is a reason behind providing this information. In America also the width maintained is 4.85 feet. This is a very unique number. It could have been either 4 feet or 5 feet. Have you ever wondered why is this ? There is one interesting history story behind this.

As American railways was earlier built by English men those who built in England, same methods were followed. Then question is why in England they used 4.85 feet ? In England , before railways trams were used. Later the same width for followed for railways also. Now the question again , why 4.85 feet in trams?
Just like in Europe, in England earlier roads were made by Romans. In those days , laborers who used to make the wheels for Horse vehicles were involved in making tram wheels. Hence the width was maintained same. Now why 4.85 feet for horse vehicles ?

Earlier Romans used 2 horses for their vehicles. They observed earlier the space between two horses was congested and the horse backs were getting hurt during travel. So they kept increasing the width slowly, when the width was more , during travel the vehicle used to have jerks . Hence to maintain balance , such that the horses backs should not get hurt and also avoid jerks a standard measurement was followed. That measurement is 4.85 feet !!

So now you will be surprised – Romans horse vehicles were designed to take care of horse backs, which were then followed in England.  As the same laborers were involved in tram wheel making, same width was maintained , then same was followed in railway by England and then in America. So even in India , earlier in the 18th , 19th century , railways was developed by England and hence the 4.85 width !

What a surprising story, one of the worlds common transport system railway lines width is based on the width of 2 horses backs !!  This makes us realize once that,  changing human mind’s decision & its resistance is very difficult sometimes!

Hope you enjoyed & remember this article when you pick up a train next time  !!

A story on main causes for failure

Postpone time
Once upon a time, the leader of all bad forces invited its family bad force members for a meeting. All the bad forces attended the meeting very happily as these forces feel happy on doing bad things. Then the leader spoke “Friends, I am bored of doing small bad things here and there, now I am planning to do something big , a bad cause doing which I want to create misery in this world. For this to happen I need your ideal support and cooperation. All of you should support with your full strengths”. Hearing to this all bad force members praised the leaders decision and started supporting him. Now the leader started asking what each bad force is capable of doing .

The first bad force which eagerly came to support was Anger. It said “If you wish, I can burn this world with anger. I can create mis understandings between father & son , between brothers and sisters, between states & destroy them.”

The second bad force which came to support was erotic desire, Kama. It said “No one is ever bad than me , If you wish I can create unending sexual desires and turn a man into animal , I can bury love , I can turn the minds of great priests , saints & make them bad”

Then came the bad force Greedy or also known as selfish .It said “Lord, you already know my powers. If I use my powerful weapon i.e. bringing unfulfilling desires into people’s mind, all people automatically turn bad. They will destroy themselves”. Then later other bad forces such as Gambling, Lazy, Enemy, Drunkard expressed their support & capabilities to create bad things in different ways. The leader was very happy to hear the support from its family bad force members.

At the corner , there was one small bad force sitting quiet. The leader observed this and asked laughing “Hey ,who are you , what can you do & how you such a small thing can support me ?”. The small bad force explained “Lord, I may be small , but still I am capable of doing many bad things. I can create Bhakthi feeling in people, I can create good feelings in them , I can make them strong & healthy . Hearing this the leader got angry and said “Hey, what are you saying. I am planning to destroy and you are giving me ideas to do good things , What nonsense are you taking ?”. The small force replied , “Lord, I am not done yet, please listen to me . I can create all good things in people , but would make them not to do immediately. I can make them to postpone doing  good things may be tomorrow, sometime later and so on saying there is no urgency. That is my character. To always make things post pone, to pass the time”. The leader was then happy hearing this “Yes, you are right  bad force to great misery in this world . People only talk of good things and never do that. They keep always postponing”. 

From the above story , it can be realized that if you want to fail in some task , it is very simple – just postpone the task . This is the reason behind our elders good saying “If you planned some good work to do tomorrow, do it today. If you have something to do it today, do it now. Never postpone.”
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