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How to run towards a problem - a short story

Have you heard of a saint and dog story anytime? This story has inspired many minds. It has induced strength and also ways to overcome problems.

Once a saint came to Himalayas. He wanted to visit all the temples there and collect information. Not only he visited temples, he used to collect history about the temples. He also had appointed a personal assistant and guider for this activity. Once the saint and his assistant went to a big temple. When the saint approached towards the temple big gates, he observed huge dogs tied to each gate. The dogs were looking like beasts and seem to look like having the strength of tiger. A very strong chain was used to tie them to the gates. The saint looking at the dogs took his steps back. His assistant informed him not to worry as the dogs are tied to the gates.

But the dogs kept barking continuously on seeing them. It started pulling out the chain desperately to get released from the chain. Their red eyes even turned red now. Anyone who would see these dogs would have definitely felt afraid. The assistant replied, “Sir, these are hunting dogs. If these find anyone, these they will encroach and rip them apart. But you don’t worry – they are tied to the gates with strong chains, they will not be able to come out”

The saint and his assistant entered into the temple and started their way towards the temple shrine. They suddenly heard some people voice saying “Oh, Oh my god . be careful , run , run !! “. The saint turned back hearing this and saw the dogs had somehow broke the chains and were running towards them at a rapid pace!! The dogs were sprinting like cheetahs while they headed towards the saint and seemed to encroach in no time.

At this moment, the saint started running. He started running putting his full efforts and strength. He did not run away from the dogs , but instead towards the dogs!! Guess what happened at this moment?

The dogs went by a surprise looking at the saint running towards them and run into confusion. Then went back to the gates where they were tied earlier. The watchman later tied the dogs with chains back to the gates.

The assistant who was seeing all this was astonished and asked the saint why he did like that. The saint replied – “In our life all our problems are like these dogs, if we run from them they will not leave us and be always behind creating issues, but once we face them and start running over them, they go out”

Most of us in our life spend most of our time fearing to something. When problems come, we may fear when we may lose out. Hence we always try to run away from problems. If we realize the above story, we understand the solution is not from running away from problems but instead facing them with full strength!

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The New opportunity - a short motivating story

Julio , a 10 year boy in Spain, Just like other children had dreams to become a good football player. He decided he shall once play for his favorite club Real Madrid. Accordingly, he started activities and moved towards his goal. He used to practice very hard day and night and as a result of his work at the age of twenty , he got the opportunity to play for Real Madrid in 1963 as goal keeper. Many football experts on seeing the way Julio played , guessed he would be a legendary goal keeper in his future career and or Spain.

But who had known what a tragedy could happen in Julio’s life. Once Julio had been to a picnic with his friends. On the way back to home, his car met with an accident and was admitted to hospital. Doctors informed his waist had serious injuries and he cannot continue to play football and need to take long bed rest for a year. This had a great impact on Julio’s mind. He was very depressed , angry about himself and developed disgrace in his heart thinking about his dreams and  his current state. While taking rest at hospital, he used to write and  sing songs to console his heart. His sadness came as words in his songs. His eyes used to be full of tears while he did such compilations. Later during his treatment , doctors felt to relax his finger muscles and gave him a guitar. He used to play the guitar and sing his own songs.

After spending 18 months in hospital, he came out as a good poet and singer. After next 5 years , he was identified as a good singer country wide. He participated in a national singing event and sung the song “Life goes on the same”, which was infamous among the mass and became very popular. He also got the first prize in the event.

Julio never played football after his accident, but came out as a great singer and writer. The goal keeper Julio fame passed by and was now identified as great Singer , Julio Iglesias.  He later was identified as one of the best singers in the world. His 300 lakh album copies were sold!

The accident which had happened with Juilo may happen anytime with anyone of us also in our life . Any failure, accident may hinder us. We may think that is the end of our life and lose spirit. But in reality, it may not be true – If one door closes, there may be four more doors / opportunities waiting for us. At that time, we should not close our eyes, keep quiet, should give our try. Who knows , the new opportunity may give us more success , fame etc which our earlier opportunity may not have given.  Julio if was a football player may have just entertained football fans, but on working on his new opportunity, came up as a great singer in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Does that not console his heart?

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Bounce back like a ball – an inspiring short story of Terry Fox

In our life, during failures,  disgrace, if physically down – most of them loose confidence and give up. Those never became leaders in the society. Only few of them accept & turn the negative part as an opportunity to come up as successful beings. Mahatma Gandhi was pushed out of the train twice, but still he bounced back and used it as tool for freedom struggle. One such inspiration is from the life of Terry Fox.

Terry Fox during his young days at college was a very good sprinter. He also had interest in many other outdoor games. He was dreaming to perform one day at Olympics. Once he experienced knee pain and diagnosed the same at a hospital. The doctor after performing the diagnosis, informed Terry - knee was affected with Cancer. Terry was just 21 years at this time, with full of dreams & was shell shocked  when doctor informed they have to cut his legs till knees cap to avoid cancer cells spreading the whole body. He underwent the operation and got his one leg cut till knee cap.

Terry’s sprinting dream came to a standstill & was little depressed. His coach approached him & consoled “Terry , you have just lost one leg. If you have a determined heart & goal - you can still achieve what you want”. Fox felt it right. He decided to collect fund for free treatment of cancer patients who were suffering just like him. He decided to put on an artificial leg – and travel from one point of Canada to another as an marathon event to raise fund of 1 lakh US dollars . He named this event as the “Terry Fox’s Marathon of hope”. The doctors were against this step & did not support Terry. However he got support from his college friend.
The run started the next day. Terry fixed an artificial leg and started the marathon run. Initially the artificial leg was very painful. Terry withstood the pain and continued the run, he used to cover 30 miles a day. Initially nobody noticed, but later after 10 days – terry started developing pain in the knees and it started bleeding slowly. But still terry knotted a bandage cloth & continued the run.  The TV , press channels started following up and terry was the news among people. One day he got an opportunity to meet the prime minister of the country. The prime minister asked Terry about his purpose for the run. Terry replied “Till I met you , my aim was to raise 1 lakh US dollars fund , but now my enthusiasm is still developed and I shall continue to run till 10 lakh US dollars are raised”. The minister did not show much interest in these words. Terry kept running. Day by day, terry became popular all over the country , and funds were raised from all ends.
Cancer is his leg had developed and spread to most of his body including his lungs now. The doctors advised terry to stop the run and warned he has less days of life now. Terry then replied – “Oh , I have less time now & should run still faster then , I need to collect dollar from each people of the county and raise 20 lakh US dollars” and continued the run. On the day when the funds were raised , he collapsed  & was admitted to hospital. He was a hero by that time & the funds raised had reached the cancer hospital. When the doctors informed Terry will not be able to stand also , a young guy approached Terry and asked “What to do now ?”. Terry with the same spirit replied “You run behalf of me , Also Include others in the run”. Many people were inspired by these words and participated in the marathon run to create awareness about cancer. After few days , Terry died. His name remained legendary in the history.

When a ball is thrown on the ground , it bounces back to our hands and still higher depending on the force we throw the ball. When a rubber ball has that capacity, why we humans who has larger amount of power collapse fearing failure? Are we incapable to bounce back unlike a ball ?

Hope you enjoyed the story . Pass on this message to your loved and dearest ones if worth.

The difference in true faces – Nirvana - a great short story

This is one of the unforgettable stories which, one should not forget also. His name was Kurt Donald Cobain . He was born in 1967 Feb 20th in Aberdeen, America. He was influenced with Music right from birth as his family members were music lovers and had created similar environment at home. One does not know whether music was present from his genes or was influenced from his family environment. He used to be happy always and sing well. Also he used to learn playing many instruments. 

He was very fond of Guitar. But when he was 7 years old , he got separated from his parents. His father married another lady , while his mother had an affair with her boy friend . This separation had a great impact on Cobain’s mind & he was struggling inside his heart without having love from his parents. His life took a different turn from here. He started developing bad habits at school and was depressed. He also quit Christianity and adopted Buddhism & Jainism. But his music kept him going to some extent.

Following his love to Buddhism , he created a team the infamous Nirvana  group of music in 1986. This also made him to reach new heights of success in very less time. His first album “The Bleach” was very famous among mass. He was very famous among the mass during 1990 s. His album “Never Mind” created a sensation among the teens. He got engaged with Curtney Luv , his assistant singer and later got married. The couple later had Francis , a beautiful baby.

What would happen to a man when he had reached the heights of such success at the age of 27 . Just Imagine . But something strange happened in Coben’s life. He started taking drugs , alcoholic . He also once attempted for suicide. He was admitted to a special hospital to remove this addiction from drugs. He somehow used to escape from the hospital and roamed around. Later without informing anyone , he moved to this bungalow in Seattle  and stayed alone. On 1994 Apr 5th , he shot a bullet to his head and died. He had written one long death note.

He had mentioned – “ I have received huge praises in my life from people. The craze which my fans had about me was astonishing and I was afraid also. I was always thinking whether I am pretending with a different face towards them to get praises from them. I started thinking I am a sinner. More my glory increased outside , I started feeling the emptiness inside my heart. I was not able to reduce this gap of my different faces . This cannot stay long , should not stay long , The prettiness , glory shown outside may not increase one’s internal happiness” .

This story creates a thought inside our heart also isin't it ? When we stand in front of a mirror , only we alone know what we are really inside and outside. When the difference in this inside & outside faces develops, we start losing our happiness slowly pretending differently outside than what we are really inside.  To be happy we should always aim to reduce this gap. This is essential too

Hope you enjoyed reading this story. Let’s strive towards maintaining a single face , to maintain no difference what we are really inside & outside , lead our life with truth & happiness - and show how unique we are to this world. Open up towards Nirvana!!

Sri RaviShankar Guruji Art of Living ashram, Vishalakshi Mantap , Bangalore

Vishalakshi Mantap inside the Ashram front view

Founded in 1981 , by his holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , the Art of living is a multi-faceted non-profit educational and humanitarian NGO with presence in over 151 countries.

The Art of living ashrams are present in 9 states in India - Rajasthan , Uttarkhand , Assam , Arunachal Pradesh , Gujarat , Maharashtra, Karnataka , Kerala & Andhra Pradesh.

In Karnataka , ashram is situated in Bangalore. It is on the way to Bangalore - Kanakpura high way around 20 kms from the heart of the city.

The ashram is a widely surrounded place with plantations , trees , ponds. Many people from all over the world come here for meditation , peace of mind. Discourses from ashram gurus are conducted everyday for the devotees. 

The Vishalakshi Mantap in the heart of the ashram is the center of attraction. It is at this place where meditation classes are conducted . This place follows utter silence , one may relax his mind , & gets the feeling of being one with soul during meditation. Built during 2003 , Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji had personally planned the structure of this building and is believed to be built by 7000 workers. This mantap is illuminated with serial lights which increases its beauty and are put on during late evening hours.

Below are few snaps which our team captured during their visit to the ashram. Best time to visit this ashram will be during early morning before 11 AM & later in the evening after 17:00 hrs - to feel the gentle air breeze & relax. If you are planning for meditation , you may require to take permission in advance to enter the vishalakshi mantap , ashram contact numbers are present in below snaps.

Ashram also houses a cafe , restaurant , library , shops where you can buy discourses , devotional songs , chantings , meditation music , calenders , books and much more. 

Lake view from vishalakshi mantap inside the ashram

Vishalakshi Mantap Gopuram structure view

Vishalakshi Mantap Sideview

Vishalakshi Mantap Gopuram art view

Champakadhama Swamy Temple , Bannerghatta Hills

 Champakadhama Swamy temple is one of the oldest temples in Bangalore. This temple has historical importance and is believed to be existing from the Cholas period.

The Government of Karnataka is maintaining this temple. It houses unique stone scriptures . Champakadhama is another name of Lord Rama or Vishnu.

This temple is on the Bannerghatta Hills near Bannerghatta National Park in Bangalore. It is around 20 kms from the Bangalore center.  Transport wise you can reach here through many buses.

You may visit this place with your friends / family during weekends or picnic. Bannerghatta Wildlife National park is nearby.

 Temple is open for pooja from morning 6.00 AM to 12:00 PM and again later in the evening after 05:00 pm to 07:00 PM.

Devotees from all over the city come here as a picnic spot too. Check out some cool pics our team captured during their visit.

Temple view and Hill View

Entrance Arch of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple

Stairs available to climb the hill

Temple view from the top of Bannerghatta Hill

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha temple on top of the hill

View from the hill

View from Bannerghatta Hill

Forest view from Bannerghatta hill

View from the hill top

Hill rock face view 

Caution board on the hill entrace

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The value of a cereal grain – A short story from saint’s Thiruvalluvar Thirukkural

To write an epic like Ramayana , Bhagavad Gita , Thirukkural  etc is a predominant task.  Epics not only introduce us to spiritual values, but also teaches rules of life and make man realize them. It is only possible for great wise people to create such epics. In this world many epic stories have stood and followed as culture by many communities. Among them Thirukkural is one of the famous epic written by great Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar. Just like a painter takes care of minute aspects while creating a canvas image , these poets consolidate their experience and incidents around them and make those reach the people which serve as valuable treasure of teachings. One such incident in Maha kavi Thiruvalluvar life , teaches us a valuable lesson and makes us to think deeper.

Vasuki , Thiruvalluvar’s wife was very much devoted to him ( Pathivrathe) , she used to support him in all his spiritual acts and deeds. When she was aged and old , she succumbed with some disease. Slowly she came to knew this disease was reducing her life and she may die soon.  Once she called Thiruvalluvar , made him to sit beside her and asked – “Swamy , I am very lucky to be wife of you. I am not sure how I have been useful to you or contributed to achieve your goals success. But I am satisfied with my efforts. I may not live for more time now. I have learnt from you not to fear death and get depressed. I am not worried about death. But my mind always had one doubt , I cannot withstand keeping it further with me . Can I ask that doubt ?” . Thiruvalluvar was surprised and asked her doubt. She replied – “Since marriage, when I joined your family , you had given me an order to keep one pin and one Shanka (conch shell) beside the food served on banana leaf without fail. I had not asked the reason for this and kept following for 20 years. But you never used them. Many times I had thought of asking about its secret , but was fearing you. Can I know the reason behind this? “

Thiruvalluvar consoled his wife and replied “Vasuki , I am very lucky to have you as my wife. You are  so devoted towards me. I am very thankful to you in this regard. The answer to your doubt is very simple. In our food, the cereal grain is a tool for our growth and life. We should treat it with respect. While having food If any one cereal grain goes out of my banana leaf and falls on the ground , my intention was to use a pin to slowly pick the cereal from the ground , clean it with the water present in conch shell and put it back on the banana leaf so that I can eat it. The reason why I did not use this is, till now not even once you have spilled cereals on floor while serving food, you had taken such proper care. You had served me with great care and responsibility”. By saying this Thiruvalluvar is not only consoling his wife but also teaches a lesson for us.

The above story makes one realize, If we know the efforts put by our farmers behind the production of one cereal grain till it reaches our meal plate, then we know its value and may not waste food during serving or leave behind after our course of meal. Leaving behind or wasting a cereal grain is like not paying /respecting dues to the farmer’s sweat efforts.

Hope you have enjoyed this story. Remember to share this wise story and educate others not to waste even single grain of food and make good use of it to the needed. 

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October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi - Non-violence day. Its importance and your responsibility

October 2nd , one of the national holidays in India on account on Gandhi Jayanthi , to mark the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji , our father of nation who played a vital role for India independence from British.  Also known as Bapuji , Gandhiji was born on 2nd Oct 1869 at Porbandar , India. Also this day is celebrated internationally as Non-violence day.

Are you curious to know - what made Gandhiji so special and distinct , why there is a separate national holiday for his anniversary unlike other freedom fighters ? What is your role and responsibility on this day?

What made Gandhiji special

Yes, if you are an Indian you may have studied about Gandhiji & his teachings. His great thoughts and qualities stood out among the mass which made him a great leader.  Few of his unique qualities & work which made him special in a nutshell -
  • The practice of Non-Violence 
  • Satyagraha - devotion towards Truth.
  • Involvement in Civil rights movement in Africa while working as Barrister
  • Champarana and Kheda agitations
  • The Khilafat movement
  • Non-CoOperation movement as another tool in the struggle for independence
  • Dandi March - Salt Satyagraha
  • Opposition to child marriage
  • Quit India Movement
  • Swaraj Movement
  • Major role in uniting the Muslim & Hindu communities during Independence
  • Simple living , Celibacy / Bramhacharya , Fasting methods as a tool for freedom struggle
What is your responsibility on this day - Be the change you want to see in this world
  • To be a Gandhian - It is the duty of every Indian to remember this great leader on this occasion and pay respects
  • Gandhiji and his teachings are always inspiring to one's life . To the possible extent, one should read and educate others & children about his teachings , autobiography
  • As a tribute ,one should follow non violence
  • If possible , to wear a Khadi cloth instead of other foreign products , Gandhiji always advocated to wear homespun clothes rather than foreign textiles. 
Click here to read some of Gandhiji great quotes
Special occasions in Bangalore
  • Khadi cloth will be sold at discounted prices at Khadi Gram Udyog and other Khadi showrooms.
  • Discourses about Gandhiji teachings will be arranged in Malleshwaram Gandhi Sahitya Sanga.
  • Near Kumara Krupa  road , Gandhiji Research center & Gandhi Bhavana Library - houses many books about Gandhiji and his teachings
  • Cultural programes will be arranged in school & colleges.
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