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How to win friends and influence people

These are few good collections from one of the most best selling books of the 19th century "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie .Thought it is worth sharing in our blog too , so that this useful information may reach the mass , visiting our blog.

We recommend you to download the PDF copy at the end of this article for detailed topic explanation

In a nutshell - 

Fundamental Techniques In Handling People

• Principle 1 Don't criticize, condemn or complain.
• Principle 2 Give honest and sincere appreciation.
• Principle 3 Arouse in the other person an eager want.

Six Ways To Make People Like You

• Principle 1 - Become genuinely interested in other people.
• Principle 2 - Smile.
• Principle 3 - Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
• Principle 4 - Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
• Principle 5 - Talk in terms of the other person's interests.
• Principle 6 - Make the other person feel important-and do it sincerely.

Win People To Your Way Of Thinking

• Principle 1 The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it.
• Principle 2 Show respect for the other person's opinions. Never say, "You're wrong."
• Principle 3 If you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically.
• Principle 4 Begin in a friendly way.
• Principle 5 Get the other person saying "yes, yes" immediately.
• Principle 6 Let the other person do a great deal of the talking.
• Principle 7 Let the other person feel that the idea is his or hers.
• Principle 8 Try honestly to see things from the other person's point of view.
• Principle 9 Be sympathetic with the other person's ideas and desires.
• Principle 10 Appeal to the nobler motives.
• Principle 11 Dramatize your ideas.
• Principle 12 Throw down a challenge.

Be A Leader
A leader's job often includes changing your people's attitudes and behavior. Some suggestions to accomplish this:
• Principle 1 - Begin with praise and honest appreciation.
• Principle 2 - Call attention to people's mistakes indirectly.
• Principle 3 - Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person.
• Principle 4 - Ask questions instead of giving direct orders.
• Principle 5 - Let the other person save face.
• Principle 6 - Praise the slightest improvement and praise every improvement. Be "hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise."
• Principle 7 - Give the other person a fine reputation to live up to.
• Principle 8 - Use encouragement. Make the fault seem easy to correct.
• Principle 9 - Make the other person happy about doing the thing you suggest.

Seven Rules For Making Your Home Life Happier
• Rule 1: Don't nag.
• Rule 2: Don't try to make your partner over.
• Rule 3: Don't criticize.
• Rule 4: Give honest appreciation.
• Rule 5: Pay little attentions.
• Rule 6: Be courteous.
• Rule 7: Read a good book on the sexual side of marriage.

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Bangalore Palace - an incredible journey to royal history

We recently visited Bangalore palace which is inside the Palace grounds around 5 kms from the city center. This was one of the amazing heritage tour which took us to the royal history of our Maharajas & British period who ruled Bangalore before independence during the 18th and 19th century . This palace was constructed during the mid 18th century by British and later was purchased by Mysore Wodeyar Maharaja family.We bring you out our visit experience which may help you to plan visit to this awesome monument.

Well, this palace is inside the palace grounds with ample space surrounding with parks and plantations. Please note there is an entry fee if you want to go inside the palace. However you are allowed to view the palace from outside , but photography is strictly not allowed!  A entry fee of Rs.225 is charged for Indian visitors , Rs.450 for foreign visitors and if you wish to take photos inside & around the palace - a extra ticket of Rs.675 has to be taken, now that's a Royal entry !! We found this worth once we experienced the palace.
Make sure you carry some photo identify proof which could be a PAN card , Driving licence , company ID card etc and for foreigners a passport would suffice, as this is collected and kept at the counter for security reasons , you may collect it only on exit !

Once you get the tickets , an audio guide device & headset will be given and instructions will be provided by the staff on how to use it while you enter each division in the palace. This device looks similar to a mobile device with keypads where you can key in to get pre-loaded information. This comes in different languages which you may select at the counter and you may need to hang this around your neck.The information provided in very good.

Inside the palace

Well , we don't want to mention in detail to keep the tourism interest and would recommend you to visit personally to enjoy the place. Here is a brief on what you will get to see inside the palace

  • Amazing prolific royal wooden carvings , idols , statues , roof paints , sculptures , structure designs.
  • Photo images and history of Rajas , Maharajas , British men , people during the 18th & 19th century who ruled Bangalore during their reign.
  • Awesome lighting ,seating arrangements, discussion rooms , private rooms etc.
  • Prolific artistic Paintings . (Some naked paintings may shy you out ! )
  • Festivals celebrations photos.
  • Instruments , Weapons used for hunting and photos.
  • History Books library.

Inside view Images are purposefully not posted here to keep tourism interest.

Outside the palace

  • Beautiful park in front of the palace

Below  are few snaps of the palace we captured during our visit.

Bengaluru Palace - Awesome View

Bengaluru Palace - Front View

Bengaluru Palace - Glass house beside Palace
Bengaluru Palace - Old house beside Palace

Bengaluru Palace - park old chairs 

Bengaluru Palace - Park in front

Bengaluru palace - Side View

Bengaluru Palace grounds - Telecom Tower nice view

Bengaluru Palace View - from park inside
Best time to visit this palace would be between 11 AM to 5 PM , palace is open on days except may be on national holidays. This is ample space for parking , playing etc which makes it a wonderful relaxing one day visit on a weekend. Hope this helps to plan your visit , please share your visit experiences.

Bengaluru Dakshina Kaashi - Sri Gavigangadhareshwara temple , Gavipuram , Bangalore

We bring you out our awesome experiences on much awaited visit to Sri Gavigangadhareshwara temple at Gavipuram , Bangalore - 5 kms from the center of the city.

This is a very ancient cave temple and probably the only one cave temple in Bangalore which is of historic importance . Lord Shiva is worshiped here by the name "Sri Gavigangadhareshwara". This is an awesome must visit place in Bangalore to experience the cave. Though inside the city , The temple is surrounded with beautiful lush green parks. The temple also houses a small rock face. This is now maintained by Government of Karnataka and is one of the main tourist attractions.

History of the temple 

This is one of the ancient cave temple in India. Sage Gouthama performed penance and three times pooja in a day to this Shivlinga , also called as Gouthama Kshethra .Sage Bharadwaja has also done penance here , there are two idols of sage Gouthama and Baradwaja in cave path surrounding the main shrine.

The outer mantapa in front of the cave entrance had fourteen pillars of Vijayanagara style in the big corridor ,the beautiful unique , rare granite stone structure like two suryapanas , a trident. A Dhamaruga (Shiva's Instrument) , two shikaras (Gopuram) on the cave , a tower on the rock outside the temple compound and a parasol on the HariHaraRayana Gudda are all said to be built during the period of Kempegowda , the founder of Bangalore.

The Shivalinga inside the man shrine of the cave is tall and attractive , interesting part is that , the water of the pedestal of shivalinga is to the right , always thin stream of water flows in this cave , Ishwara adorns Gange in the cave to become GaviGangaDhareshwara . To the right of the main shrine are small idols of parvathi and Durga goddess. There is a long path surrounding the shrine , beautiful idols of SapthaMatrikas , Sridevi and BhooDevi installed in this passage.Another cave path bifurcates , belief is that one goes to Kaashi and the other to Shivaganga.

On Makara Sankranthi day of every year (Usually during January 14 / 15th ), a beam of sun rays pass through two windows of the south facing temple and slide down through the horns of Nandi , disappears after touching of ShivaLinga. Thousands of Devotees gather to witness this rare phenomenon. 

Below are few temple images we captured . Hope this helps to locate the temple during your visit. Images of cave are purposefully not taken to support tourism interest. 

GaviGangadhareshwara temple - Entrace

GaviGangadhareshwara  temple - Gopuram above cave

Gaviganadhareshwara temple - Gopuram close view

Gavigangadhareshwara temple - inside view

Gavigangadhareshwara temple- Kempegowda Statue

Gavigangadhareshwara temple - Mahadwara

Gavigangadhareshwara temple - Cave view

Gavigangadhareshwara temple - old house

Gavigangadhareshwara temple - Rock face view

GaviGangadhareshwara temple - Sankranthi Sunrays illustration

Sunrays during Sankranthi - 14Jan2014 .
Left : Sunrays from Mahadwara , Right : Sunrays on Shivalinga
 Image Courtesy : Prajavani Kannada Daily

Best time to visit this temple is during 06 AM to 11 AM in the morning and after 5 PM to 7 PM in the evening. Mind your head while crawling through the cave rocks ! - one does not  forget the cave experienced here. Some aged people may find it difficult to crawl through the narrow caves - just an advise. In the evening you can also visit a park near to this temple which houses a musical fountain and enjoy with your friends and family with mouth watering snacks.

Hope this is useful to plan your visit to this temple. Share your visit experiences.

Chikka Tirupathi Temple , near Bengaluru

Our team happen to visit during their expedition , this very famous ancient temple of historical importance which is at around 40kms from Bengaluru city center. This is towards East Bengaluru on  Sarjapur - Hoskote National Highway. It is at 15 kms from Kolar and Malur.

Lord Sri Venkateshwara is worshiped here. "Chikka" means Small . Everyone is aware of Tirupathi in Andhra pradesh. It is believed, one should visit this temple before  visiting Tirupathi temple to get the blessings of the Lord.

History of this temple - 

India is known for having many religious holy pilgrimage and sacred places. Of these Chikka Tirupathi is also one such sacred place located in South Karnataka , Kolar district , Malur Taluk .

During 2nd and 3rd century , Kolar was rules by Ganga dynasty. During that period this place was divided into small territories / region. Of them "KolalaNaadu" was famous. 

In Karnataka - Cholas , Pallavas , Kadambas , Holysala , Ballala,Vijayanagar kings - all of them contributed to wonderful temples and scriptures during their reign. This temple is believed to be developed further during Cholas period. As per temple history records , in Hindu Epic Mahabharatha - Lord Agni (god of fire) during Kandava Dahana - was punished with a shaap (curse) from a snake "Takshak". To overcome this , lord agni conducted hard tapasya (meditation) towards Lord Vishnu. Pleased with his praying, Lord Vishnu appeared before Agni and blessed with curse redemption. In remembrance, Agni established Lord Vishnu Idol , since then which has been blessing to many devotees all over.

Special poojas are conducted here during Vaikunta Ekadashi , New year , Chaitra Maasa Full moon day. 

Below are few snaps of this temple. Click on the image for good view.

Chikka Tirupathi temple - History 

Chikka Tirupathi temple - view 2
Chikka Tirupathi temple-Inside View 

Chikka Tirupathi temple - Gopuram

Chikka Tirupathi temple - view 1
Chikka Tirupathi temple - Front view

Chikka Tirupathi temple - Banyan trees
Chikka Tirupathi temple - Santhe / Mela
Chikka Tirupathi temple - Banyan Tree
Temple is open from morning 06 AM to evening 07 AM . Best time to visit this temple would be early during morning and evening hours. Temple is usually crowded with many devotees and tourists throughout all days.

There is a Santhe (Mela) conducted in front of the temple where you can buy fresh vegetables , fruits , food items etc. Also are many petty shops where you can buy a souvenir to remember your visit.

Hope this article is useful to plan your visit -  a good long journey hang out with your family .  Share your visit experiences.

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