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A Share that increases with share - a short story

It was a small house in a remote place, one would say its not even a house - but a small room instead. A married couple lived there. The room was so small that only two people could sleep with minimum comfort.

One day evening , it started raining heavily with thunders and storms. As the couple had just returned from work , there was nothing to eat and they felt hungry & simply slept for a rest , as they could not go outside due to heavy rain. At this moment , they heard someone tapping the door. The husband asked the wife to open the door. The wife replied "No, lets not open . May be someone has come to take shelter due to rain. Now there is little space left here which would suffice for we both to sleep". The husband eagerly replied "No, its fine. It doesn't matter. As there is no other house nearby, its our duty to help them. We can manage 3 people here by sitting.May be they are soaked in rain" - saying this himself opened the door.  A stranger had appeared before the door seeking shelter - they shed a blanket and all 3 sat on the blanket - the stranger introduced himself and his experiences, around 10 min passed , while the conversation continued - the door tap was heard again. The stranger warned "Do not open the door , if anyone comes there is no place to sit here". The house owner (husband) replied "My Friend , don't worry - it doesn't matter - even my wife told the same thing when you had come and now you found shelter. Similarly someone else may be in need of shelter.Let us invite him also. I know there is space here only for 3 people to sit, but we can manage 4 people by standing" - saying this opened the door. Stranger2 appeared seeking help and joined the group - thanked the owner for providing shelter - now all 4 four started their conversation.

Around 5-10 minutes passed by , suddenly there was again sounds of someone hitting the door. Stranger2 requested the owner "Sir, please don't open the door - we have space here to hold 4 people standing only , If anyone comes - we may have to keep the door opened - if it rains further water may pour in". The owner replied - "I think if we can adjust by further reducing the gaps - we can still manage one more person. Let us help this person who is in need" - saying that opened the door. To a surprise, a donkey was standing rubbing its body to the door , it seemed confused due to the heavy rain pour and was shivering with cold - The owner pulled the donkey in and closed the door - cleaned it with a towel to reduce cold. Surpise ! there was a small bag tied to the donkey's neck . On opening it - found variety of dishes !! No one knew who was the donkey's owner and for whom this food was prepared. They waited for some time , but rain still continued - with the intention not to waste food - they shared the food among themselves and served the donkey also - happily enjoyed the food overcoming their hunger. By this time - the rain pour stopped. The strangers thanked the owner for his help. Stranger1 said to the owner - "You are a Strange character man" . The owner replied "There is nothing strange in it, All of our requirements was same - to get shelter against the rain . My home is small , but my heart  is wide open . I just shared some space of my heart with you guys and as you see now how god helped us".

The above short story teaches us a valuable lesson. In our homes - there may not be more space , more wealth - but shouldn't we be having at heart? It need not be only money / wealth to share, but we can share some of our time also. Sharing a loving Smile , few happy moments - always increase with sharing. Its a worthy share which increases with share.
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Athma Lingeshwara Temple, Mandya district, Karnataka - 85 kms from Bangalore

Our team happen to visit Athma Lingeshwara Temple , one of the temple gaining popularity recent times .  This is around 85 kms from Bangalore at Mandya district and 15 kms from Bangalore-Mysore highway.

The word Athma Lingeshwara reminds us about King Ravana in Ramayana who to fulfill his mother's wish took the blessings of Lord Shiva and established Lord Shiva's Athma Linga ( This actual place is however in Gokarna)

 Here we bring our visit experience -

Athma Lingeshwara Temple Entrance stairs

Temple gopuram

 We took the Bangalore-Mysore highway route , passed  by Maddur-KM Doddi highway . This temple is at around 3-4 kms from KM Doddi. It was noon by the time we visited here. This temple is situated in a big area around 30-40 acres which houses a park , peddle boating , children's play area , Kalyana Mantapa and the temple itself. As per the temple history records , this temple was constructed in 1993.

What we get to see and experience here

Main Temple inside view
Temple - It seems this was a hill before which is then shaped to a temple. The gopuram of this temple is quite at a higher altitude and one has to climb few stairs to reach here. Make sure you visit here during early day hours or at noon. Our feet felt this summer heat while we climbed the stairs. You will find Lord Hanuman and Nandi structures on the way. Once we enter inside , we are brought straight to the main temple which is surrounded by green plantations in a open environment. This is built using modern styles.
Place is calm and relaxing. There is ample to sit and spend time watching Lord Shiva linga and the poojas.
Nisarga Dhama Park Opposite to temple

Nisarga Dhama Park - Opposite to this temple is a park called Nisarga Dhama where portrait idols of animals , birds etc are created. The park is full of greenery , small fountains and houses a children's play area also. We could see many college couples visit here ;) . There is a minimal entrance fee of Rs.5 to visit here.

Nisarga Dhama Park

Peddle Boating Spot

Peddle Boating - There is a small boating area where you can try peddle boating. There is a minimal charge of Rs.10 and one can enjoy a jolly ride . However the boats have limited 2-4 seats.  Peddling may be difficult for aged people , but nice to experience.

There are few food courts , restaurants inside the campus surrounded with ample parking space. If you happen to visit Mandya or Maddur from Bangalore, then this is one of the scenic place to visit.  Temple is open between 07 AM to 12 PM and from 04 PM to 08 PM which is the best time to visit this temple.

Hope this article helps some folks who are planning for a weekend long drive with their family . Take care , stay healthy , travel more , Enjoy madi !!!!

Long Lasting Leadership greatness - Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is considered as one of top leaders. He was a legend during this lifetime. The greatness comes in the actions which these leaders took and the way they applied it and not only from speech and language. There were 3 decisions taken by Mandela which took him to the height of greatness.

In 1985 , the president of South Africa Mr.Botha was supporting racial discrimination. During this time Mandela was imprisoned at Robben Island. By this time he had spent 20 years of his life in Jail alone. Mr.Botha had announced if Mr.Mandela is ready to stop all activities which are against their government rules and regulations , then he will recommend to release Mr.Mandela from Jail immediately. He had thought Mr.Mandela would accept this invitation after his prolonged stay at Jail. But in return Mr.Mandela responded in a great way - "When my black people fellow beings are suffering as slaves how can I alone be
released ? Only a independent person can talk face to face . Prisoners do not compromise" and continued his stay at Jail.

During 1993 when Mr.Mandela was just released from Jail and continued his protest , one of his supporters leader Kris Hani was shot dead. When the protest against racial discrimination was on its peak , this incident happened and a white women shot Kris brutally. At this time, a revenge feel started to develop among the black people minds. They went furious . Many people around the world thought this would lead to serious troubles in the country. At that time the decision taken by Mr.Mandela stands for forever. Only that decision saved South Africa. He said - " Today I am requesting from my heart to every single black and white people of South Africa - Because of the death of our leader , our country has come to a nearing stage of danger. This is our test period , Let us all unite together and not disrespect our leader. Let us through non-violence work for each other and forget revenge". This statement brought peace in the country.

In 1994 , Mr.Mandela emerged as the president of South Africa and became very famous. Any person who spent 27 years of his life in Jail may think of leaving down from such a powerful position ? Most of us do not think of leaving the position and at-least try to continue for rest years of ruling period. According to the constitution of Africa , any citizen is eligible twice for president post and this was easy for Mr.Mandela also. But Mr.Mandela announced he shall not be the president for the second time during his first reign and justified the world that he is not bound to power.

These 3 decisions are Mr.Mandela's moral values messages to the world -
a) Even under critical circumstances , not to lose self-respect
b) Creating peace even under severe conditions.
c) Ruling Power is once an opportunity to serve. It is not good to bound to it.

Power may not make a person great. But the values one trusts and follows in his life makes him a great leader. He trusted "The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing , but in rising every time we fail" . World needs such great leaders.

Alcohol Health benefits when taken responsibly

Some of us usually keep wondering - why there are so many bars , liquor shops etc - Is alcohol beneficial ? If so how and which alcoholic beverages can be beneficial for our health ! and what are the side effects etc , why there are people to support and why there are people against it ? This article covers one such topic on the health benefits of having different types of alcohol responsibly and their side effects. This is only an overview article.  

Every beverage has some advantage when taken in proper limits responsibly. Anything over limit is always dangerous to health , can cause serious adverse effects on our health and death also. In this article we have tried to cover the pros and cons of popular alcoholic beverages consumed in India especially in Bangalore. This is a generic article and we recommend to consult your physician for proper recommendation and use.

Broadly there are 3 types in alcohol - Beer , Wine and Spirits (Whiskey,Rum,Gin,Brandy,Vodka etc)

Wine is a fermented beverage produced from grapes. Wine involves a longer fermentation process than beer and also a long aging process (months or years), resulting in an alcohol content. Beer is a beverage fermented from grain mash. It is made from barley or a blend of several grains. If the fermented mash is distilled, then the beverage is a spirit.


Pros when taken responsibly
  • Strengthens bones
  • Strengthens heart
  • Reduces Kidney stones
  • Improves memory , Concentration , Reasoning
  • Boosts Vitamin Levels
  • Reduces risk of cancer
Cons when exceeding limits
  • Obesity
  • Heart Burns
  • Blood pressure Increase
  • Dehydration
  • Hangover


Pros when taken responsibly
Red and White wine
  • Promotes Longevity
  • Reduces Heart risks
  • Reduces Type 2 Diabetes
  • Aids Brain memory
  • Prevents cancer causing cells
  • Prevents Stroke Damage causes

Cons when exceeding limits
  • Head aches / Migraine

Spirits  - Whiskey / Whisky

Pros when taken responsibly
  • Prevents cancer causing cells
  • Prevents cold and Flu
  • Helps in maintaining weight
  • Enhances memory
  • Relieves stress , anxiousness
  • Aids Longevity
  • Provides good sleep
Cons when exceeding limits
  • Impairs judgement levels
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Blood clots , Liver effects

Spirits - Vodka , Gin

Pros when taken responsibly
  • Reduces weight
  • Reduces stress
  • Lowers High BP , improves blood circulation
  • Reduces risk of Heart attacks
  • Aids digestion
Cons when exceeding limits
  • Intoxication

From the above , it can be understood every beverage is made to serve a purpose depending on the country , location climate , society. It is up-to the common man's  intellect to judge what suits and what not and quantity intake.

Well we recommend you to intake good amount of water which is always a better drink and also cleanses alcohol contents.

Hope this article is useful to some. Keep sharing your comments.Stay Healthy.

Bugle Rock - a historic paradise for lovers and walkers

Bugle Rock (Kahale Bande in Kannada) is a quite big rock which is near Basavanagudi in south Bangalore , assessed with an age of about 3000 million years. This is one among the famous tourist attractions in Bangalore.

It houses one of the four watch tower which was constructed during the reign of Kempegowda (during the 15th - 16th century ) , the founder of Bangalore and hence finds historic importance. It is believed that soldiers used to blow Bugle (musical instrument usually used during wars) as a warning to inform people about any intrusions.

Bugle Rock Park - Soldier blowing Bugle

Bugle rock park - Watch tower
 This is surrounded by a beautiful park "Shamanna Park" named after T.R Shamanna - a social activist and politician. This is a family spot where many people , visit occasionally.

The park has a musical light Fountain which is put on at evening between 07 to 07.30 PM .
There is a stage and small theater where many musicians , cultural activists conduct programs here during weekends and on special occasions. Also has photos & wall images of famous Bangalore people ,kannada poets - some to mention are DVG,Sir MV,Masti Venkatesh Iyengar and much more.
This is also a Lovers Paradise - you will find many couples around. A nice place to spend time with your loved ones.
Many senior citizens visit here during morning and evening in groups for a gathering / walk - also known as Walkers Paradise.
Surrounded by the park are many Chats & mouth watering Yummy foods centers.
Behind the park is the infamous Bull Temple , Dodda ganesha temple , MalliKarjuna Swamy Temple.

Bugle rock park - inside view
You can plan for a relaxing weekend at this spot with your family and friends . Best time to visit this place would be at evening after 05 PM.

Simple Tips for a healthy kidney

In our busy life ,  we may not get sufficient time to look after our health. If proper care is not taken , then we are always on the verge of experiencing health issues. Of these our Kidney is more important organ which should be taken care off. Here are few simple tips to maintain kidney health

  • Drink 7 to 8 liters of water a day
  • Pomegranate juice helps keeps kidney problems away
  • Coriander leaves  is very good for kidney. It helps to reduce kidney contaminates.
  • Use Garlic in your food. Maintain less sugar , salt levels, oil foods and Masala items 
  • Regularly exercise. It should be part of your routine life. Those having Diabetes should regularly check sugar levels in urine and blood.
  • Use butter milk, fresh curd , Papaya , Apple , Sweet mango, Banana,Beans,Carrot, Tender coconut,Barley water, Drumsticks
  • Those having kidney problems - Keep away from red and green chilly , potato , capsicum , Brinjal , Sour curd , peas , Flesh items and alcohol
  • Usage of more Tomato , Capsicum , Broccoli, Black Grapes, Sweet pumpkin,Palak, Flesh items - are known to create kidney related problems
  • Black beans is very good for Kidney and should be taken atleast twice in a week - it helps in reducing kidney stones
  • Do not hold back urinals for long time - it may pressurize kidneys and also may form kidney stones - its recommend to pass urinals  every 3-4 hours.
  • Food made out of - Banana tree stem and flower is very useful to reduce kidney stones
  • Having foods which would result in 2 liters of urinals everyday is necessary.
  • Urinals should have the color of drinking water - which indicates proper kidney health
  • Some may take Beer to reduce Kidney stones. This should be avoided.
An article by Usha.K.P - Hope this is useful. Drink lot of water folks !!
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