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The confirmed path to Success - a short story

This is one of the stories of King Manu collected from the history of India myth which is summarized to a short story. Once king Manu went to a river shore to perform some rituals . While doing so , when he picked some water from the river he found a small fish in it. When he tried to put it back , the fish replied "Please Help me. I will help you some time later". Manu agreed and took it to his home , and left it in a big pot. The next day , the fish had expanded in size and had occupied the full pot. So Manu now left it in a small pond. Sooner it occupied the size of pond as well , then Manu left it in a sea. Even then it was ever growing and 
occupied that as well ! Then the fish replied "King Manu, in the next 100 years the world shall get demolished with a water flood. The whole world would get sunk in it. After some years , once water stops things would be normal. But the world should continue anyway isin't it ? Hence you may start constructing a big ship . In that you cultivate necessary living things like plants , pets , animal pairs , food which would suffice for at-least 10 years etc whichever may be required to start a fresh world. Now you may leave me in a ocean. I shall come back during the flood . I shall be having a big horn and shall carry your ship to a safe place to one of the highest peaks . Once the water level settles down , the birds , animals and the living species may start a new world altogether. " . King Manu agreed to this and left the fish in the ocean. The fish swum inside the ocean and disappeared.

After around 100 years , the fish's words came true and there was a heavy water flood. As promised , the fish came to King Manu , took the ship and progressed towards the highest mountain peaks. Once the water level settled down, the world started again from the  species stored. This is one of the amazing stories. On similar lines we find a story in Bible as well where Noah too had experienced this incident. 

Either King Manu or Noah would have not trusted the fish at the first instance. If they had not had the trust then the world would not have existed. When the fish swum inside the ocean , there was no rain not there was any flood. But still Manu decided to make the ship. Many people thought he was stupid and would have advised him to stop trying it. When he brought in every living specie and  cultivated it ,  many thought it may be a waste effort. many may have thought during signs of flood , who would sail this gigantic ship , is it really possible to be alive when such a thing happens and would have lost their lives also. But the dedication King Manu had , the commitment towards his set goal , the efforts and attempts he made to made it possible to start a new world.

This story teaches a very strong message - "Just like how our goals are important, our constant efforts to make it happen are also very important. Overcoming all negative thoughts of people around, their sayings , their suggestions - without fear one who does not give up in between and continuously believes in himself and gives his best to achieve it has definitely confirmed his path to success"

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The Little scam - a short story

Ramaswamy - was very famous in the village. He was working as a high school head master. His words were respected among the people in the village. He was leading such a noble life , he never used to speak untruth , nor he used to do misdeeds and always had a  polite  & friendly loving character. He had 2 sons who were both intelligent. Both of them were educated well. One became an Engineer and  the other became a Manager. Later after 5 years both thought instead of being employed , why not they start their own business and provide job opportunities to others. They discussed this with their father Ramaswamy , who also agreed its a very good idea . He advised - "Sons , be careful - do good business , be honest and sincere towards your goal. Do not do any misdeeds in greed of more profits and affect your character". Both sons agreed and started the firm. They achieved good results for 2 years. But one day , Ramaswamy heard from one of his friend that there were some scams observed in his sons firm. He was very upset hearing this and wanted to collect feed backs from his sons. He called them and asked about the same. They replied - "Yes father , as you may be aware  in business it is very difficult to be honest at all times and some times we may have to adjust - there may be little scams - but you please don't worry about it". Ramaswamy went silent on hearing the same and thought to make his sons understand their mistake on this matter.

The next day there was a festival in the house. Ramaswamy had asked his wife to make sweet dishes on account of festival. While having lunch along with his sons he said - "Dear Sons , today is a festival. I have only asked your mother to prepare this special sweet dishes , It is made up of dry fuits , pure ghee and cow milk with kesar , see how mouth watering and scented it is. Please have it slowly . One thing - I have also mixed one item in it. It is a very small part of our dog's shit. It is very very less - and does not create any smell and you will not notice it. Please have your sweet dishes". The sons face showed reluctance to having the sweet dishes. Ramaswamy then said "What happened , the sweet is made up of very good items , only a very small part is having the shit. Please have it" . One of the son replied - "Father how can we have this , is there any limit like little shit or more shit you are talking about, isin't it still shit , how can we have it ?" . Ramaswamy immediately replied - "Son , similarly is there anything called little scam or big scam in business, Isin't a small cheat still a cheat ?" . Sons understood their mistake and took apologizes for the same.

Whether it is small or big , a cheat is like having shit business. If we say we will jump into a well only to little extent , what does that mean ? Once jumped, we have to reached the bottom of it. Once a mind decides to cheat , it continuous to make such decisions and adjustments leading finally to big scams. Awareness on the same is very important. Be good , do good. 

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Life teaches education - a short story

One of our friends ,Hari,  is a business man and keeps travelling frequently. One day when he was travelling by train , a person came to the compartment where our friend was sitting with an empty aluminium basin and bamboo basket. There were only some 3 to 4 persons in the compartment. He came and sat next to him . As it was a long journey , our friend was curious to talk to him. The stranger seemed to be selling some items in the train and his clothes were little dirty.


He starting asking him - "Hello, what is your name. What do you do?" - he replied , "Hello Sir , my name is Ramu , I sell samosas daily in train". Our friend said "Oh, that's great. It seems you have done a good business today, all your items seem to be sold out.". Ramu replied - "Yes sir, It was a good day. Sales got completed by God's grace". Our friend replied "Oh ok - isin't it your work little difficult , you have to carry the basket and the heavy samosas , travel along the crowd in the train ?" - Ramu replied - "Yes , leave it sir . What is there in that. Its our routine work. Only if we work , our stomach gets filled . For one samosa we get 75 paise commission". Hari asked him "How many samosas you sell in a day?" . Ramu said "We sell around 3000 to 3500 samosas a day. Sometimes sales go down, on such days even selling 1000 samosas is a tough task. On a average I sell around 2000 samosas".

Hari was surprised. He started calculating in his mind , if one samosa can fetch 75 paise in a day , then selling 2000 samosas would fetch Rs.1500 a day ! Which means average monthly income of this samosawala was Rs.45000 which is higher than Hari as well! . Ramu then continued - "What to do sir, bad habit - I spend Rs.10,000 for drinks. Of the rest I use other business". Hari was surprised again and asked Ramu "What other business do you do". Ramu replied "I do real estate sir, In 2007 , I bought a site for 3 lakh rupees and last year sold it for 15 lakhs. Bought another site for 5 lakhs , in next four years it may become 50 lakhs. Of the remaining 10 lakhs , have put a fixed deposit of 6 lakhs for my daughter's marriage and 4 lakhs for son's education". Hari asked "What is your qualification" . ramu said "What sir , what education for us . I am third class fail".  The train stopped at the next station and Ramu said bye and left the train. 

This short conversation is a good learning for some people who keep boasting "We did not learn much, Leading life had become very difficult etc". Commitment towards work , Hunger to achieve some thing in life and Confidence leads one towards life's path. Any education system which does not teach such morals is a sure waste.

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Patriotism , a short story Dhyan chand and Hitler

This is a real story which every Indian should feel proud of.

For us 15th August 1947 is a very important day, it was this day when our country was free from British rule after ruling for about 200 years. Excatly just about 11 years back from this date , an incident happend. An Indian soldier faced one of the world's terryfying commondo. On 15Aug 1936 , India was facing Germany in finals of Olympics Hockey in Berlin. Just before the match started , the team manager Pankaj Gupta , had brought in the National Congress flag in the dressing room. All Indian players saluted to it and sung Vande Mataram song and entered the field for the final game. Every german was having the confidence that Germany would win the game. Even Hitler himself had come to the venue to support his country men. 

After first half of the game , India was ahead of Germany with 1-0 goal lead. The ground conditions was not comfortable for Indian players. The ground staff had purposefully put more water on the ground before play. The shoes Indian players were wearing was having no spikes and were skidding on the grass turf. While the german players were equipped with latest shoes with spikes. Indian players were found skidding frequently during the game. Dhyanchand was the captain of Indian Team. He was finding very difficult to run on the turf using his shoes. Immediately he pulled off his shoes and started running in bare feet. His play was excellent, fast moves and brought in joy to the audience who witnessed it. At the end of the game , India won it by 8-1 goals and won gold medals.

Just before the match was getting over , Hitler had realized his team would lose and had quit the ground. Later he came back and asked Dhyanchand to meet him. Dhyanchand was little worried what this commondo may ask him about. Hitler starring at Dhyanchand shoes which was filled with dirt asked him - "What is your occupation?".  Dhyanchand replied - "I am in Indian Army". Hitler asked again - "What is your rank?". Dhyanchand replied - "I am a Lance leader". Hitler then said - "You come to Germany, I shall make you field Marshall." Dhyanchand who was took for a surprise for a while replied back "India is my country , I am good there".
Hitler then looked at Dhyanchand and replied "Whichever you feel better do that" and walked off.  

This is a short story of how an Indian soldier from his play skills had won the heart of one of the world's most terrifying person Hitler . Not only it shows how he won his heart , but also shows the Patriotism exposed.  This should bring in patriotism in every Indian who read this Story.

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GoMutra , Cow Ark health benefits

Cow - also known as "KamaDhenu" in India is treated as sacred animal . Its each product is of great use to mankind. Ever wondered , there are a lot of health benefits from its urine as well ? In this article , we provide information on few benefits of Cow Ark or "GoMutra" - the distilled content. The content extracted from a cow which eats grass and other green leaves is proved to be more effective.

* Having two spoons of Gomutra is very good for health. Having equal amount of Gomutra with water , helps in purifying blood , helps in proper excretion and functioning of excretory organs.
* It has the abilities to reduce common Blood Pressure , Diabetes , TB and other mental disorders.
* It helps in reducing and removing toxins
* The water content inside it helps in maintaining body heat and blood absorbents.
* Helps in reducing bacteria and increases anti bacteria stamina and hence less prone to bacteria diseases.
* It is used in preparing medical tablets , pastes for curing skin related problems after filtering.
* It also has many useful natural chemical contents which increases the anti-disease stamina.
* The Iron content present in it , helps in increasing a person's vigor and number of red blood cells
* The copper content present in it , helps in reducing fats , smooth functioning of Kidney and cleanses blood.
* Regular use of Gomutra helps in preventing kidney & Bladder stones.
* The potassium content it has , helps in increasing tongue taste sensing ability and relaxes nerves
* The Sodium and Magnesium content in it helps in cleaning blood , anti-bacteria stamina and reduces dizziness, Gas Gangerin etc.
* The Nitrogen content in it helps in normal functioning of excretion system and aids in smooth flow of urine.
* The calcium content in it helps in purifying blood , aids to bone strength , prevents blood clots.
* It has good amount of Vitamin A,B,C,D which helps in increasing a person's sperm count , reduces frequent thirst and increases fair.
* The lactose sugar content present in it helps in reducing heart problems and dizziness.

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** Disclaimer : Above are only details on the benefits . Please consult your physician or ayurvedic doctor to get recommendations on the quantity of usage to suit you.
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