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MuthyalaMaduvu , Pearl Valley , Anekal , near Bengaluru

In this post , we bring you out what we experienced at Muthyala Madavu the pearl valley which is about 5 kms from Anekal , the south Taluk of Bengaluru Urban.

Muthyala maduvu - Water Falls
Muthyala Madavu is one of the tourist attractions and a famous nature picnic spot. It is famous for its water falls the droplets of which resemble like a pearl and the temple inside the forest. It is a treat to Nature lovers and mountain trekkers. Our team in their recent visit  have explored the area and have shared their experiences which we bring it you in this post.

Muthyala maduvu - 2nd water fall spot
Our team started off their trip to this spot on a mid sunny day , they went by car and reached Anekal Bus stop by 11:00 AM . Bit confused with many cross roads , they queried the people on the way who guided them very well as this place is very popular there. They reached the spot without any fuss by 11:15 AM.  On the way they had to pay Rs.30 as an entree fee at a barricade. Although this did not seem to be the government one , they continued paying the fee , after reaching the spot they paid Rs.10 for parking.  we noticed there were not much hotels or shops on the way and only after reaching the spot , a KSTDC constructed restaurant and few petty shops were present. Although its KSTDC constructed , it was run by some private people.  We later noticed this was a Bar & restaurant. So we recommend people who come here to come well equipped with their favorite foods and water.

Muthyala maduvu - Water Falls

Muthyala maduvu - Shiva Nandi Temple & Idols

Muthyala maduvu - 2nd water fall spot hill
We just relaxed and asked the shop keeper about the way to spot. They guided us very well and informed there are around 300 steps down we may take to reach the 1st water fall & shiva temple , then later from there a half kilometer by walk through the forest path to view the 2nd water fall.  They also advised it was safe and nothing to worry about the forest. We passed on , initially the steps were fast , later as it was little wet we had to step in slowly. There was a great feel of entering into the forest by this time . On the sides we noticed small ponds , rock faces and thick greenery with chirping sounds.  After some 300 steps and walk of  20-30 meters we reached the 1st spot. The temple had a small white shiva ling , Naga idols and Nandi . We took the blessings and approached the water falls.  We had a carry bag which had few bananas and oranges - the time we reached here , a group of monkeys snatched the carry bag within no time . Beware of them !! They are all over there.
Muthyala maduvu - Path to second falls 2

Muthyala maduvu - Forest View
As the name suggests , watching the droplets was a pleasure and it resembles as if a pearl is falling on the rock. The water flow was quite slow as this year rain was little less in this region. We came to know , there was a path top reach from top to the bottom on the hotel backside, we noticed few young chaps taking that difficult route.  We also noticed few groups had a good time with some hot drinks for the chilled day !!
Muthyala maduvu - Hotel View from down

Muthyala maduvu - Forest View 2
Muthyala maduvu - Goats on the way
After spilling some water & fun we moved on to the 2nd spot. The path to this 2nd spot was not that easy , there was some trees blocking the roads which we had to carefully overcome and bumpy rocky paths , we were welcomed by some goats having their lunch on the forest bushes.After passing through around 500 meters we reached our spot. But the path still continued which seemed to be never ending passing through the big forest hills. At the spot we noticed a quite big pond , the flow was less here as well. We noticed this was the highest peak from which the flow would come down in the region. Although it was a pleasure , we were little disappointed as we could not experience the full water fall flow.  After spending few minutes , we started heading back. 

Muthyala maduvu - Green fields
Muthyala maduvu - Scenic spot1
This was the toughest task of our journey. Heading back climbing the bumpy paths and stairs was little tiring. After reaching back , we now went on the backside of the KSTDC hotel to get a glimpse of the view spot. What a great view it was. This hotel has a balcony - a view from this balcony keeps one mesmerized.  There also a small dam constructed in front of the hotel which may be for collecting rain water. It was around 04:00 PM we left the spot after having a great time there. 

The best season to visit this spot would be just at the end of rainy season in November. The roads are good and hence travel should be easy by any vehicle. A great spot to enjoy with your family and friends. If you are accompanied with aged people , take care about the 300 steps , coming back would be really tiresome for them. The spot usually has a fair visitors inflow till noon. A visit in the evening may show us a good sunset. But as its a forest area and animals may come out during night for hunt, we recommend to plan day trips.

Hope this helps to some to plan their trip. Share your visit experiences.

Muthyala maduvu - Hotel

Muthyala maduvu - Path to second Falls

Muthyala maduvu - Path to water falls

Muthyala maduvu - Path view

Muthyala maduvu - Rock face

Muthyala maduvu - Small Dam

Muthyala maduvu - Steps
Muthyala maduvu-path

Muthyala maduvu - temple

Thimmaraaya Swamy Temple , Anekal - near Bengaluru

Our team recently visited one of the ancient temples near Bengaluru , Sri Thimmaraaya Swamy temple which is at Anekal around 35 to 40 kms from city center and is one of the tourist spots in Anekal.

Anekal is a big town and taluk of Bangalore Urban district which is towards south and near Tamil nadu border.  Reach-ability is very good , with many government and private buses from city center.

Sri Thimmaraya Swamy temple is believed to be one of the ancient temples of Karnataka believed as the incarnation of Tirupati Balaji which dates to thousand years ago. Lord Sri Venkateshwara is worshiped here. It is believed, the main idol stone had developed by itself (Udbhava) which aids to its importance. This temple is near the KSRTC depot of Anekal and is around 2 kms from there.  Our team visited the temple by 12:00 PM and took the Darshan.

Nearby devotees keep flowing in , temple remains always calm. One may get a very good darshan of the Idol. Next to this is Sri Hanuman temple of the village. Temple has a small pond (Kalyani) and a tulasi katte.
Temple is open between 07:00 to 12:30 PM and between 05:00 to 07:00 PM everyday. During the popular karaga festival in Anekal , the idol of this temple is placed on a Ratha (Chariot) and processions are held around the village. The temple's Gopuram attracts the visitors with its unique style where many pigeons reside.

Overall its a very calm nice place surrounded by greenery to visit with your family on a weekend morning / evening. The roads are very good , most of them being National Highways. There's ample space for parking.  You may also plan this as a picnic spot along when visiting Bannerghatta National Park which is around 15 kms from this spot.

Below are few snaps captured by our team. Hope this helps to plan your trip.

Thimmaraya Swamy temple , Anekal - Entrance

Thimmaraya Swamy temple , Anekal - Gopuram

Thimmaraya Swamy temple , Anekal - Green surrounding

Thimmaraya Swamy temple , Anekal - Hanuman temple

Thimmaraya Swamy temple , Anekal - Kalyani

Thimmaraya Swamy temple , Anekal - View1

Thimmaraya Swamy temple , Anekal - View2
Share your visit experiences.

Meenakshi Sundareshwara Temple , Bengaluru

Our team recently visited Meenakshi Sundareshwara Temple which is on the way to Bannerghatta National Park . This temple is easily accessible as its on the main Bannerghatta Main road.  It is around 14 kms from the city center and a very beautiful temple which attracts many visitors throughout the year.  Many people who travel to Bannerghatta National Park visit here as a tourist spot.  Similar to the popular Madurai Meenakshi temple , this temple is famous in Bangalore.

This temple was constructed during the year 1993 by Sri.Narayana Reddy in the presence of Guru Sri Tirchi Mahaswamy. The temple has a big Gopuram with mind blowing sculptures.  Lord Sundareshwara , form of Lord Shiva and goddess Meenakshi idols are worshiped here.  Also surrounded by idols Navagraha , Ganesha , AyyapaSwamy , Subramanya , Chandikeshwara , Hanuman , Surya , Chandra , Venkateshwara which makes this temple a one stop visit spot for any Hindu festival.

Temple is open between 06:30 AM to 12:30 PM in the morning and between 04:00 PM to 08:30 PM at evening on all days. Abhishekam time is between 07:00 to 08:30 in the morning and between 05:00 to 06:00 PM in the evening. 

Opposite to this temple is a Hypercity innovative Mall which houses many branded shops for a great shopping experience , Movies and much more. Overall a nice weekend peaceful spot to enjoy with your family and friends. 

Below are few snaps our team captured during their visit to the temple.

Meenakshi Sundareshwara temple Gopuram

Meenakshi Sundareshwara temple View 1

Meenakshi Sundareshwara temple View 2

Meenakshi Sundareshwara temple View3

Meenakshi Sundareshwara temple View 4

Meenakshi Sundareshwara temple view

Meenakshi Sundareshwara temple Entrance
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"Lets not blindly follow !" - A short caterpillar life story

Jean Henry Fabre was one of France's most greatest entomologists. With his experiments on insects , animals and birds he has explained their life cycle. Of his experiments , the observation he made on how caterpillar insects travel is a very interesting.

He made one observation that when one or few caterpillars die , hundreds of them die at the same time. So he tested whether those were affected by any epidemic disease.
He later came to know that the caterpillars were not having any disease. He made another important observation. If one cater pillar passed by another cater pillar that would follow the first , the third one follows the second and so on just forming a chain almost seeming to travel joining together. To simulate this , once Fabre took a medium width pot and put some sugar & food for the insects in the middle of the pot. He took some 10-15 cater pillars and placed them on the pot edge. He placed them such that one cater pillar followed the other and the full chain resembled a circle as the pot was in circle shape. Now he closely observed the cater pillar behavior, at what time it may notice the sugar inside and approach to each it breaking the chain. To his surprise he noticed the insects continued to follow the other. Using their half opened eyes , it used to view the back of the preceding ones and simply followed back to back.

To his great surprise he observed this continued for 7 days and the insects still continued to follow without breaking the chain and not even bothered about the food kept in the middle of the pot. Now one cater pillar fell down and died due to starvation. Later after 10 minutes all other caterpillars died the same way. Even when they had their favorite food kept pass by , they never noticed and died due to starvation after 7 days ! At-least if one insect had moved towards the food , all others would have followed it and reached the food . But not even one insect made this attempt and just kept following the other. It is not that it was not having the capacity to see around , but it did not have the interest to look around.  Not even one of those insects thought differently and made a brave attempt to look around . Had it done , it would have not only saved its life , but would saved the lives of other insects also. 

This story shows a very good moral - Some of us in their lives lead their life similar to the cater pillar. Without knowing the real fact , with half eyes open they follow the lines which other people follow. They keep following & following passing their ages. Our minds are like a parachute. We are protected only when it opens up. When the mind moves towards new directions , new thoughts - it leads to discoveries and helps the world. Let us not blindly follow as a caterpillar, Lets open up ..

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Inspiring story behind a revolution - Sri K Siddaramiah

This is one of the short interesting story which happened in Mysore , around 50 years ago near Siddarama Village. Out of India's many villages of those time, Siddarama village was one of the villages with poor development. Most of the houses were small huts with only one or two big houses at rare areas. There staple food was Raagi balls(millet balls). White Rice was just a mirage to them  and only during special occasions and functions they used to have some rice. Rice was used frequently by few rich people .  In this village there was a family of a person called Siddaramegowda . Although they seem to be little improved , they were just above the low middle class. He has 5 children. One day one of his young sons who had went to college while returning back saw a lady standing in front of their home with a small child. She looked to be little excited and feared.  He approached towards her and asked - "Amma, what happened, why are you standing here , do you need anything." She replied with a teary look in her eyes - "Brother , can you please lend me some rice if it is prepared in your house today." He said -"Sure, I will have a check . Why is there any special event today ?" .

She busted with tears - "My child is suffering from fever past few days , so we need to feed some rice or ganji (rice porridge) to it. How can we poor people have rice in our home. As in your home you may be preparing rice occasionally , thought if it may be prepared today also . If yes, request to share some for my child."

He then went inside the kitchen, took some rice from his mother and gave it to the lady. She was very happy , thanked the boy and returned back to home. The boy thought about this incident very deeply which touched his heart and mind. He kept thinking on this for a long time - What a pity is it ? Forget about richness , When a child is not well , are family members not having a capacity to even feed little rice ? Is our country having such families of poverty who have to suffer for even a peaceful two meals a day? These questions always affected the boy's mind. Later after his degree , studying law , he entered into politics , had a tremendous growth there and one day became the chief minister of our state and popularly known as Sri.K.Siddaramiah.
This incident which took place during this young days had seeded in such a thought in his mind that it way one of the revolutionary cause for the Anna Bhagya Yogana ( Free rice programme) . In this program every poor person below poverty line may get 1 Kilo of rice for 1 rupee to fulfill their daily meals. Many people who have their riches filled , may think this may not be a good program and many may misuse it. But it is very evident and true that this has helped may poor people to peacefully have 2 meals a day. 

This short story shows how a small incident rooted in one's heart during youth may result in a revolution change at a later stage. Hence during this period , the mind should be kept open. One should be able to analyse and digest the cause of such incidents. When this happens and one starts thinking socially , a leader is born.

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MP3 Ringtones illayaraja special melodious

Some of the melodious ringtones of Illayaraja , the legend compositions . Shared in our blog to promote this music. Click on the links to preview or download the MP3 ringtones.

Make your mobile phone sound more melodious with these lovely tunes

Kadhal Rojave

Toor Dal Sambhar - Make it yourself - The bengaluru style

Toor Dal sambhar is one of the common sambhar prepared in Bengaluru. It is used along with rice as a staple food , with Idli , Dosas etc as a side dish. 

This post has the basic quick method followed for preparing it. Hope it helps to some of the beginners !

Ingredients : 

Ingredients for Toor Dhal Sambhar

Toor Dhal Sambhar

Get the ingredients ready. 

1) Boil adequate water (1 to 1.5 litre ) in a pot / tumbler vessel.
2) Add the toor dal to water and continue to boil it
3) Add the turmeric and sunflower oil and continue to boil it
4) Once toor dal boils well , add salt and tamarind juice and continue to boil it.
5) Now add Sambar powder , Jaggery powder , Coriander leaves and continue to boil it. Stir the mixture well. Make sure the mixture is gravy.
6) Now prepare a chaunk/Oggarane of Mustard seeds , Asafoetada  , Curry leaves.
7) Mix the chaunk with the sambar and boil for few minutes
8) Add the coconut grate mixture , stir well and serve.

Share your attempt experiences !!

The permanent truth - Jesus christ short story

Al-Gazali was one of the popular Sufi saints during the 12th century. In one of his scriptures he has mentions "For a person who is affected with some disease , even a sweet food given tastes bitter. Its not the problem of the food , instead the person itself. In the same sense what we say good and bad is all within the mind". This is one short story from one of his books.

Mary's son Jesus one day was travelling along the road , he noticed few people were looking little worried and were reading some book. When Jesus approached them and the asked the reason for their worry , they said - "We have been reading some books and have understood many things. More we read , more is our worry on the deeds we have committed. We are worried about our life after death at hell and the kind of punishments we may have to undergo." 

Jesus listened to it and then moved further. He noticed another set of people who also looked amuzed and worried. They were listening to the preaching of their teacher. When Jesus asked them about their worriness , they replied - "Our teacher is very knowledgeable . His teachings are very interesting. We has said those thoughts & principles may take us to heaven. We are worried when we may get that heaven after death , whether we may go to heaven or not". Jesus listened to this and moved further with a gentle smile.

Now he noticed the third set of people in a group who were travelling on the road who looked like poor people. But the way they were singing , dancing and travelling along seemed like they were very happy. Jesus approached them and asked -"Who are you people. You look very happy , may I also be part of your joy?" . The people replied - "We are the truth finders. We are astonished to see God's presence everywhere. We are happy with his blessings". Jesus asked - "Don't to have any fears of whether you may reach the heavens or the hell?". They replied - "Who wants Heaven or Hell ? They both are here itself. Seeing good things in this world is Heaven. Searching and finding bad things is Hell. We always find and select the world's beauty, love and enjoy" 

Jesus then said - "Only these people stand in front of the god after their death. Others just pass on their life with fear and fulfilling desires". Even our Basavanna also has mentioned - "There is no separate Hell or Heaven. We from our character create Hell or Heaven in our life." - both these personalities lived in different parts of the world , but have shared the same thoughts , which is a permanent truth , a permanent value.

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